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Ukrainian port terminals have significant resources for further development – expert

The Ukrainian port terminals have significant reserves for its further development in order to increase the volumes of cargo shipment, including fat-and-oil commodities, declared the Executive Manager at Terminal UPSS, Dmitry Falko on October 27 during his speech at the international conference “Fat-and-Oil Industry – 2016” in Odessa.

According to him, development of the port terminals should be realized in several key directions – modernization of the port infrastructure, improving the quality of service provision, upgrading of the price policy. Also, formation of transport and logistics centers is very important to improve the interaction between all types of transport.

D.Falko noted that to date the maritime transport covers nearly 66% of all shipments in the global trading with goods. At the same time, the growth of transportation volumes of fat-and-oil products in flexitanks became one of the major trends of development of maritime transportation. In the nearest years, the share of flexitanks will rise to 30%.

Ukraine: in the first week of October, the seaports halved grain export volumes

According to the monitoring data by experts of APK-Inform Agency, in the period of October 3-9, 2016, Ukraine exported 545.9 thsd tonnes of grains from the seaports, against 1.02 mln tonnes in the previous week. In particular, wheat shipments reached 312 thsd tonnes, barley – 155.6 thsd tonnes, and corn – 78.3 thsd tonnes.

Ukraine harvested over 45 mln tonnes of grains – Ministry of Agrarian Policy

As of October 4, Ukrainian agrarians harvested 45.08 mln tonnes of grains throughout the areas of 11.149 mln ha, or 78% of the plan. The average yield totaled 4.04 t/ha, reported the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine. At the same time, on the same date last year the production volumes reached 43.5 mln tonnes.

In particular, agrarians continued harvesting corn. As of the reporting date, Ukraine harvested 6.259 mln tonnes of the grain throughout 1.173 mln ha (28%). The average yield reached 5.34 t/ha.

Also, Ukraine harvested 175 thsd tonnes of buckwheat throughout 139 thsd ha (93%). The average yield totaled 1.26 t/ha. Agrarians harvested millet throughout 99 thsd ha (95%). The production volumes totaled 180 thsd tonnes, with the yield of 1.83 t/ha.

Agricultural enterprises of Ukraine harvested 8.807 mln tonnes of sunflower seed throughout 4.079 mln ha (69%), with the average yield of 2.16 t/ha.

Ukraine continued harvesting soybeans. Agrarians harvested 2.412 mln tonnes of the oilseed throughout the areas of 1.124 mln ha (61%), with the average yield of 2.15 t/ha.

Ukraine continued realizing the planting campaign of winter grains. As of October 4, agrarians planted winter grains throughout 3.948 mln ha (54% of the plan), down 360 thsd ha compared with the same date last year.

In particular, Ukraine planted winter wheat and triticale throughout 3.648 mln ha (59%), winter rye – 119 thsd ha (81%), and winter barley – 181 thsd ha (18%). Also, Ukraine planted winter rapeseed throughout 722 thsd ha (100%), up 145 thsd ha compared with the last year index.

Ukraine exported over 10 mln tonnes of grains – Ministry of Agrarian Policy

Since the beginning of 2016/17 MY, Ukraine exported 10.215 mln tonnes of grains, declared the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine on September 30.

In particular, wheat exports totaled 6.474 mln tonnes, corn – 602 thsd tonnes, and barley – 3.109 mln tonnes. Also, wheat exports reached 68.1 thsd tonnes, and flour from other grains – 0.2 thsd tonnes.

According to the announcement, there were loaded nearly 273 thsd tonnes of grains to the vessels.

Thus, the general volume of exported and prepared for exports grains reached 10.579 mln tonnes.

Kazakhstan harvested over 21 mln tonnes grains – Ministry of Agriculture

According to regional agricultural departments, as of September 28 Kazakh agrarians harvested grains throughout 14.24 mln ha, or 92.7% of the planned areas, declared the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As of the reporting date, agrarians produced 21.363 mln tonnes of grains, an increase of 8.21 mln tonnes compared with the same date last year. The average yield totaled 1.5 t/ha (up 0.31 t/ha).

In particular, agrarians of North Kazakhstan oblast harvested 5.335 mln tonnes of grains, Akmola oblast — 5.293 mln tonnes, Kostanay oblast — 4.921 mln tonnes, and Karaganda oblast – 928 thsd tonnes.

Russia to compete with Ukraine on the market of feed wheat – Russian Grain Union

In 2016/17 MY, Russia started exporting feed wheat for the first time, and began to compete with Ukraine in the reporting market segment, declared the President of the Russian Grain Union, Arkady Zlochevsky on September 28.

According to him, Russia has never exported feed wheat in previous years. At the same time, the grain supplies are not large at all – since July 1, Russia exported less than 1 mln tonnes of feed wheat.

A.Zlochevsky explained that by the end of agricultural year, the export volumes will completely depend on the results of competitive work with Ukraine. Also, it should be noted that the global market of feed wheat is not large-scale, because animal breeders prefer purchasing corn and feed barley.