About us

Agro-Maas Co. was founded in 1988 in Ghent as independent cargo surveying and superintendence company. The company focused on the establishment to the agricultural sector.

GAFTA_LogoTime changes the valuation and importance of some advantages, benefits or specific features of a company, but there is no doubt that its age will always be a reference point, a guiding line and the proof for once chosen priorities.

For more than 19 years AGRO-MAAS Ukraine provides inspection services in Ukrainian ports.
Our company is a proud Superintendent member of GAFTA since 2001.

Inspection services and business have always been built on mutual trust: Principal entrusts the inspection company to perform his interests in the port, quantity and quality determinations and verifications are part of our service. In other words, we confirm that our customers are getting what they need and what they pay for.

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Successful partnerships!
The results of the last years have proved the right chosen priorities.