Ukraine: Nibulon LLC exported 965 thsd tonnes of grains

Since the beginning of 2018/19 MY, the Ukrainian company Nibulon exported nearly 965 thsd tonnes of grains, which broke its previous records for the reporting period, declared the press-service of the company on September 5.

It was noted that the company reached its previous peak in 2015/16 MY, which totaled 915 thsd tonnes.

In particular, in August 2018 Nibulon LLC shipped the largest volumes of grains — more than 530 thsd tonnes. In the previous years, the company did not exceed the record figures of August 2013 at 430 thsd tonnes.

In the reporting period, the share of Asian countries in the export structure of the company totaled 64.5%, against 47% in 2016/17 MY. Such positive dynamics confirmed the validity of the selected course of the company for the further development of the eastern destinations of grain sales, which corresponds to the current situation on the global market. Last year, only the share of China increased from 2.5% to 17.6%.

Also, the company returned to work with the market of South Korea, and shipped nearly 200 thsd tonnes of grains to the country, while in the previous MY there were no contracts with the country. The share of exports of Nibulon to Indonesia remained steadily high. Despite rather hardest requirements to the quality and phytosanitary condition of the cargoes, for the second consecutive year the company exceeds the level of 12% of the supplies to the country.

Also, the direct participation in the government tenders of Saudi Arabia for barley purchasing became another achievement of the company, according to the announcement.