Ukraine: Kherson and Ochakov might become the estuary ports of the river logistics — expert

Ukraine needs to develop the river transportation capacities, using Kherson and Ochakov as the estuary ports, declared the Director of Dnipro Cargo Limited, Viktor Sokha during his report at the agro-logistics forum «Dnieper-Danube-Black Sea» in Mykolaiv on August 22.

According to him, the reporting region has large-scale territories, allowing to develop the ports, and not so high overload, like the ports of Big Odessa work with. But in the long term they will have to settle the issue with dredging works.

At the same time, V.Sokha specified a number of issues which may appear during realization of the strategy. It is impossible to critically dredge neither Kherson, nor Mykolaiv. But Ochakov does not have railway approach roads, so development of the river transportation and dredging projects are fundamentally important for the port. Also, in the future the seaports of Kherson and Ochakov will be possibly bundled at the expense of cargo transshipment to barges, said the expert.